DJane Kekka

294 Klein Pertholz 88 , GD

Wir freuen uns "Playmate of the Year" und eine der besten DJanes im Ypsilon begrüßen zu dürfen!

Aktueller Remix "Get down reloaded" erreichte Platz 1 DJTunes & Beatport - Charts (GER).

Kekka's remix for Jerry Ropero & Clubworxx "Get Down Reloaded" ranked #1 DJTUNES & BEATPORT DANCE CHARTS in July 2011.

DJane Kekka with real name Francisca was exposed to music and to see and live what it means to be a DJ from an early age. Her father, a famous senior DJ of Hungarian nightlife (DJ BANDERAS) introduced her to all kinds of music and taught her how to spin vinyls when she was still a teenager and most of all to understand that being a DJ means more than just to blend two tracks together. In other words, Kekka grew up with music and developed a deep love and huge understanding about music and the essentials and techniques of professional Djing.

She would describe herself as being pierced by rhythm all over her body!

Starting out as a professional model in 2005, she quickly made her way into the international model scene and was soon glancing from several covers of the most important magazines and fashion lectures. Becoming PLAYMATE of the year 2006 for the Hungarian Playboy and 2007 for the Italian issue of the infamous mag are considered as milestones of her modeling career.

Soon bored by the monotony of "just" being a model, where she achieved a lot already, she felt like looking for another aim in entertainment and decided to follow her father's footsteps in becoming a DJ. 2009 and 2010 Djane Kekka was booked in almost every club in Hungary and Italy and soon invited to perform abroad.

Touring the US with stops in New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Boston was a great experience in her young career and more international appearances came soon. Joining the roster of an all female agency which specializes in the exciting and ever growing Asian market--Escade Media, led her to great gigs in Dubai, Indonesia, Vietnam, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, just to name a few.

Kekka was touring official FASHION TV Asia gigs and invited to debut her show for grand openings of high profile Asian clubs. Recently Djane Kekka toured an all summer tour in Hungary and Spain again and is to guest in the South of Germany.

Producing music by herself, she expresses that her definition of House and Electro music is one of the greatest things to do for her. Delivering remixes for several artists in 2011 plus the release of her own track/remixes which ranked high at all download portals just goes to show that there is much potential and you can be sure to hear much more from this promising talent.

Her set’s essence is a fine blend of vocal-based Electro and Deep House, sometimes twisted with a massive bassline close to Progressive.

Kategorie: ab 16, Party / Feier, Club / Disco / Clubbing

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