How do I disclose security vulnerabilities responsibly?

If you believe you’ve discovered a security vulnerability in one of the VIERTELEINS applications, the VIERTELEINS platform or our infrastructure, that could harm VIERTELEINS or one of our users, please let us know by using the contact form. We treat all security vulnerability reports as urgent and we’ll work with you to act upon your concerns as quickly as possible.

Please remember our terms and follow a few guidelines when looking for vulnerabilities. Respect our users’ privacy. Please don’t destroy any data and do not access or modify user data without our permission. Please do not test for spam, social engineering, or denial of service issues.

After reporting a vulnerability, please give us a reasonable amount of time to respond and to investigate and fix the issue before publicly disclosing your findings.


We appreciate the efforts of security researchers in keeping VIERTELEINS safe and we want to thank you on behalf of our users. If you’d like to be recognized for your contribution, we’d like to add you to our list of helpers on this page.

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